Electrical Gremlins And Old Homes

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Electrical Gremlins And Old Homes

When I bought an old house because I fell in love with the charm, I was completely unprepared for some of the issues that come along with homes of that age. One of the biggest surprises to me was the electrical issues I experienced. Everything from having to unplug everything in the kitchen to use a compressor in the garage to tripped breakers from a single air conditioner left me frustrated and confused. I called an electrician and learned a lot during his inspection. If you are thinking about buying an old house, this blog is for you. I hope that my knowledge and first-hand experience can help you avoid some of the disasters that I faced.


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4 Common Mistakes With Residential Electrical Connections

Electrical wiring problems are common in many homes, primarily when homeowners handle the installation without professional help. If a wiring problem is left unresolved, it can lead to electrocution, short-circuiting, and electrical fires. You should, therefore, always hire a professional for the electrical installation process. The experts will offer you guidance that helps you prevent these installation mistakes. Inferior Quality Connections It is common for DIY electrical installers to make connections outside electrical boxes. Read More 

Electrical Problems That Can Lead To Fires At Home

Many homeowners have lost their properties to electrical fires, and one can only imagine the emotional turmoil after such an ordeal. If you want to protect your home from the same fate, you need to know what causes these electrical fires to help stay vigilant and call in an electrician as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out more. Damaged Power Outlets and Appliances One of the common causes of electrical fires is old, worn-out outlets or appliances. Read More 

How Hiring A Licensed Electrician Can Benefit Homeowners

You may be fixing to undergo an electrical renovation around your property, such as switching out all of the light fixtures or updating some of the wiring. Any time you do some major electrical work like this, consider hiring a licensed electrician. They'll see to it that everything goes smoothly in a couple of key departments. Provide Guidance When in Unfamiliar Waters A lot of homeowners start out trying to update their home's electrical systems and often run into things they're not sure about. Read More 

GFCI Outlet Problems: An Introduction

While most homeowners are familiar with issues associated with traditional electrical outlets, GFCI outlets are still a mystery to many. GFCI outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, are designed to monitor the current flowing to the outlet and trip a safety breaker to shut the outlet off when that current surges or fluctuates significantly. Usually, you can reset it with the button on the outlet. However, sometimes GFCI outlets malfunction. Read More 

Main Home Electric Faults That Require An Electrician

A reliable power connection plays a big role in keeping a home habitable. But a faulty electrical circuit also presents an existential threat to your home. These faults can arise from several causes, including the age of the wiring and improper installation. You should engage the services of a qualified electrician to handle electrical faults. You avoid the risk of electrocution and also get quality workmanship. Here are some faults that require the attention of an electrician. Read More